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Jewels in Movement

Intended for an elegant and refined woman,

The DIA:MOOVI collections are a true masterpiece of Italian design.

The concept of Multiple Precious Fit. DIAMANTIA ® JEWELS IN MOVIMENT

Giving movement to jewels with multiple uses, to give women the certainty that their jewel will never leave them.

Covered by numerous national and international patents, the jewels of the DIA:MOOVE collections are conceived, designed and made in our modern factory, and adorn and accompany the most fascinating women in the world.

DIA:CLASSIC, for a jewel of extraordinary beauty.

The jewel of DIAMANTIA ® and the representation of femininity, with the harmonious and precious traits of a woman.

For a woman who doesn't accept compromise.

A jewel that over time always gives emotions, of superlative quality in diamonds and precious materials.

With diamonds rigorously certified IGI / HRD / GIA, certified diamonds, precious metals free nickel, strictly made in Italy design. These questions must be answered by the Italian jewel; these questions are answered by the jewels of the DIA :CLASSIC collection.

Jewels in Movement


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The Diamantia brand, represented by a stylized world below, is the emblem of a new way of understanding the jewel.

Women today love the jewel that fully represents them, that gives them the feeling of wearing something unique, precious, modern, unparalleled.

And we try to fully satisfy the demands of the same, subjecting a jewel to a careful analysis, which must strictly meet certain requirements:

Italian design

Very high quality of precious stones

Movement, for multiple use

So born not a Jewel, but "The Jewel DIAMANTIA"


Wellcom in new jewellery era: diamantia, jewels in movements


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Jewels in Movement


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Yet another spectacular creation. The Diamond World is evolves, and it responds with ever greater attention to the demands of increasingly loyal customers. Now Sicily, a beautiful land, is even more precious. Emeralds and Diamonds in a particular trilogy with important and elegant shapes.



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And here it’s from Gallipoli, this time in Puglia. A cross ring. Simplicity, elegance, refinement in a jewel. This is DIA:CLASSIC diamond...