Precious, Faster. Simply

Jewels in Movement


One Ring, two sensations


D:Duo Collections,

When a ring has two faces...

Multiple precious fit? Without a shadow of a doubt, D:DUO !

Telling and telling about oneself, with a ring that every woman should wear: Diamonds, yes sure, but not only... Rubies, Emeralds or Sapphires, in opposite face of diamonds, and still the woman at the center of the world who with a simple rotational movement overturns a beautiful jewel in itself, in a new precious object to wear and live.


Multiple precious fit... DIAMANTIA, the jewels in moviment!

Simple & Functional

The simplicity of the movements: A simple rotation thanks to a patented system, and the ring changes, transforms, dresses immensely.

Diamonds or Colored Stones? You choose!


In the morning or evening, at work with white diamonds or in the evening with emeralds, the D:DUO ring will always be with you at any time of the day. 

Multi-scale, multi-stone... what more could you want?

D:DUO Jewels in Movement !

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