Precious, Faster. Simply

Jewels in Movement


One Jewels, two side, two way


Metamorphosy Collection,

When a jewel is elegance... Double!!!

Multiple precious fit? Everything comes from Metamorphosis

It seems impossible to amaze a woman... but this is the perfect jewel to wonder and marvel. The Metamorphosy collection with precious stones on two opposite sides, was the first jewel of the DIAMANTIA Jewelry collection in Movement, where the jewel transforms, evolves, becomes flexible, colorful or white, and speaks to the woman who wears it. Whether worn with diamonds or colored stones, it is and will always be the first jewel in the world DUAL SIDE, DUAL MODE.

Protected by national and international patents.



Multiple precious fit... DIAMANTIA, the jewels in movement!

Simple & Functional

The simplicity of the movements: A simple rotation thanks to a patented system, and the ring changes, transforms, dresses immensely.


As a butterfly transforms from caterpillar to butterfly, the Metamorphosis collection will always be with you, with a brightly colored dress such as ruby red, emerald green or sapphire blue, or with an elegant evening dress, strictly black or white, with diamonds to Around

METAMORPHOSYS Jewels in Movement !

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