Pasini Gioielli Srl, owner of the Diamantia brand, has always been attentive to market inputs, interpreted with intuition and sensitivity, has achieved the success of its twenty years, the goal of "a personalized global quality".

A design characterized by linearity of shapes and colors, versatility of the proposals and scrupulous attention to the very high quality of diamonds and precious metals used, place the Products Diamantia at a high level of quality, adhering to tastes, demands of an experienced and demanding clientele. 


Short chronicle of a long journey...


It is a love story that leads to the early 900s a young Bergamo (Italy) designer, Antonio Pasini, who enlisted during the First World War, and a girl from Puglia, to meet and get married. With war and shoulders, the love for beauty leads this young couple to finally move to a small town in Puglia giving vent to innate creativity, where the clothes he designed and created immediately conquer the small thought demanding audience of the inhabitants of these cities of Puglia, so full of history, culture, passion.

And passion for art, the refined manual work, the beauty, are handed down from father to son. The eldest son returns to the beloved north, becoming known for being the official designer of rai with numerous figures from the world of entertainment including the unforgettable presenter Enzo Tortora. The second son never wanted to leave the land that gave him birth, but the art of entrepreneurship leads him to be among the first to make famous in the world a well-known food company in Puglia and then...


The first jewelry store was born. The passion for beauty brings the unforgettable Raffaele Pasini to start a jewelry business with his young wife. The children are small, but they are immediately placed in the great world of Italian jewelry.


Salvatore Pasini, the third of the children, graduated from the State Institute of Art in Corato, with a pedigree not a little... He was selected, with a few other students, to present his jewelry collections at the Basel International Fair. An extraordinary success for these boys who will become, over time, the most important representatives of the goldsmith’s art of Southern Italy.


The first goldsmith's workshop is born. 50 sqm, state-of-the-art equipment for a small goldsmith, but manual dexterity remain the focal point of the activity.


The first collection was born entirely designed by the Master of Art Salvatore Pasini. The seductive volumes, the idea of creating aesthetically recognizable jewels make it a must-have. PIETRAMIA, this is the name of the collection, presented at the Bologna fair. Simply a great success, so much so that it is enough to receive compliments for the best collection presented at the fair, and to be immediately imitated by great stylists.

Il Logo d'origine della DIAMANTIA
Il Logo iniziale della DIAMANTIA


Pasini Gioielli S.r.l. is born.

Forces double. A new company is created with the entry of founding partner Antonio Pasini, as AD, with powers for marketing and administration. The design remains firmly in the hands of the other partner, Salvatore Pasini.


The new factory

Over 600 square meters of production, 16 production departments, cutting-edge technologies for a sector related to tradition and manual skills.

In the departments of excellence, there are:

- Hydrogen production, forerunners of the current hydrogen-powered vehicles, in order to weld on jewels with pure flame such as the one produced by hydrogen;

- Pressomicrofusion; technology that allows the microfusion of goldsmiths with particular machines that inject the precious metal inside the chalky cavity with high pressure thanks to the use of clean gas such as ARGON;

- Lucidation by means of stellar puppets: The polishing takes place in particular containers and the use of 5 different polishing grains. The rotational speed of these containers reaches 130 km/h. Thanks to this particular technology, jewels are obtained, the metal of which is more than 30 times more compact in order to preserve its wear and tear over time.

- Galvanometric removal shine: thanks to this galvanic process, the objects are subjected to the removal of a micro auriferous patina. This process allows the verification of the metal, the absolute lack of porosity and the brilliance of the jewel in all the most disparate points of the same.


Rapid prototyping.

It is the year of the revolution of the goldsmith world. The first 3D printer is introduced. It's an American printer, the Solidscape. This machine allows the creation of wax prototypes to be processed with the classic goldsmith microfuction system. The competitive advantages are immediate: we move from the creation of manual prototypes, with all the typical characteristics of manual processing, to 3D protityping, which allows the creation of particularly precise prototypes (with tickness of resolution of 3 microns).



The excellence of Made in Italy in step with the times.

Introduced computerized laser welding technology, and 5-axle cn machines. The quality of a DIAMANTIA jewel® is today simply absolute quality in the materials and techniques and technologies used. Great goldsmiths with great technologies at the service is the combination that very few companies in Italy can offer.



IThe new DIAMANTIA concept: Not only is the graphic design of the site renewed... A new idea of jewelry is born, and a new claim:


Jewelry will no longer have to be amorphous, lifeless.

We will give it life by giving it a fascinating idea of multiple precious wearability.

It is our challenge, won.

Antonio and Salvatore Pasini

METAMORPHOSIS: The first patent

A brilliant intuition leads to the filing of the first international patent: the METAMORFOSI collection is born. The idea of making jewelry with a modern design, that gives identity and creates that unique symbiosis that binds the jewel to the wearer, giving it the opportunity to use the same jewel with different colors of precious stones. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, in a single extraordinary jewel, with the contemporary use or alternatively of the same stones, chosen by those who materially wear the jewel, makes it alive, gives soul, makes it its own! It is the beginning of a journey that will make the DIAMANTIA brand .® recognized throughout the world of unconventional jewelry, which lives with the wearer.


BI MODE: Two ways to live... a jewel

The life of a jewel in the first place: BI MODE is born: Jewelry that can be used in two different ways: extend and short. Ease of use makes it a must for high Italian jewelry.


DRESS: The composable jewel

Still a great success for an extraordinary jewel: a kit of 3 different colors to choose to join a solitaire.


ANTES ®: The world's first Ring Bracelet

Here is yet another international patent: ANTES .®, , an acronym for Ring Tennis, where a tennis bracelet can become a beautiful multi-measure, multi-row, and beautiful central ring. She is the woman always at the center of the universe DIAMANTIA .®, , who finally decides how to wear the jewel, in which of her beautiful fingers to wear the jewel, or decide to use it as tennis, yes, but not a simple tennis, because her jewel has its soul, and shines from it.

MAGNIFICA 19 ®: .... it's not just a number... 

19 diamonds from 12 labels. Natural evolution of the MAGNIFICA, the line 19 has the shape of a real diamond, the measurements of a 5 ct diamond, but the presence of 19 small diamonds on the table give light more than 25 times higher. An international patent guarantees and preserves imitation over the years.


Dream Becomes ® REALTY

A little girl's dream is transformed into a precious reality: the Dream becomes ®


D:DUO ® and it will still be a great success.


We are here to create: we develop the ideas, the precious needs of women today and tomorrow, and we create jewels with a strong personal identity. Wearing a DIAMANTIA jewel ®, means wearing the jewel that represents the soul, personality, strength, inspiration and creativity of the woman who owns it.