Precious, Faster. Simply

Jewels in Movement


One Ring, One pendant, One Eternity... All in one incredible jewel !


Genius dream becomes Collections

When a dream becomes reality

Multiple precious fit? With Genius Dream it becomes possible!

When everything comes from a dream. The genius Dreams becomes collection is proof of this. The dream of making a ring that transforms like a leaning center, a splendid engagement ring, but is ALSO a faith/row diamond ring. An almost impossible dream, except for GENIUS DREAM BECOMES. And here it is, a ring with splendid center, where the delicate hands of a woman with simple gestures transforms it and uses it as she wishes. 

The desire to have a ring that has life of its own. This is GENIUS DREAM BECOMES


Multiple precious fit... DIAMANTIA, the jewels in Movement!

Simple & Functional

The simplicity of the movements: Thanks to the GENIUS patent the central wheel of 160 degrees and detaches from the row diamond ring, and it is used as a leaning center. The row diamond ring is independently used by the center.

Ring with center? Row diamond ring? Pendant? You are the only one who makes this fantastic special jewel !


A career woman, who must always be 100% in her comfort environment, must have the opportunity to marvel and marvel with fantastic jewels, which can be used as a faith/row diamond ring for the most harmonious moments, with the central leaning; in the most challenging moments, which require the need for an important ring, here it becomes a single beautiful ring.



GENIUS DREAM BECOMES... Jewels in Movement !

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