Pasini Jewellery is working in an institutional, economic, political, social and cultural context that is constantly and rapid evolving. We write the history, let’s do it together, but under certain conditions.

We try to write an important piece of the history of contemporary Italian jewelry, with the concept of Precious Multiple Wearability that pervades us, electrifies us whenever we have to create a jewel and to successfully face the complexity of situations in which the company is operating, it is important to clearly define the set of values to which Pasini Jewellery is inspired and that wants to be respected; one of the pillars of pasini Gioielli's industrial philosophy is the attention given to the person, understood both as an individual and as a community.

In addition, Pasini Jewelry, in the management of business and business relationships, is inspired by the principles of legality, loyalty, fairness, transparency, efficiency and openness to the market. In no way can the belief of acting for the benefit of the Company justify the adoption of conduct contrary to these principles.

In particular, Pasini Jewellery's collaboration must avoid any situation that could imply, even apparently, a conflict between their personal interests and those of company.

For these reasons, the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct has been prepared, whose observance by the Directors, and the Company's Employees, are of fundamental importance, both for the good functioning and reliability of the Company, both for the protection of the prestige, the image and the know-how of the same, factors that constitute a decisive asset for the success of the company.