DIAMANTIA ® has always been recognized as a company that supplies quality products to the market.

Quality that is born and develops by transforming the raw material into a finished product.

High quality raw materials, experienced and motivated human resources, combined with the latest technology available on the market place the Diamantia product at the top of the "made in Italy" jewelry production.

In particular, the prototyping department, with stereolithography machines, Laser, Engraving cutter 5 axes, able to produce "tailor-made" specific products, satisfying the needs of our customers.

From the lost wax casting department, with suction or centrifugal machines to the finishing department, with laser welding machines, they place us at the top of the jewelery market's quality.

To finish the department of ganvanic bathrooms inside the company.

DIAMANTIA ®® is one of the very few companies in the jewelry sector that controls the entire supply chain, starting from design, production, finishing, assembly, and arriving at delivery.

From idea to 3D CAD

From prototype to standard product

With expert and reliable hands...

To get to the perfect jewel!