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Jewels in Movement


Ring, Tennis Bracelet, All in one.


ANTES collection.

The first ring in the world that is a tennis. The first tennis in the world that is a ring. Simply... UNIQUE

Multiple precious fit? Antes.. The Ring of Wonders...

Telling this collection becomes almost superfluous to look at what each ANTES jewel ® can convey.

A simply wonderful ring that transforms and dresses as a beautiful tennis bracelet with central closure. The beauty of this jewel, its design, simple, refined in tennis, is enhanced with an important center, intended for women of superlative beauty. And in addition to the patent that covers the design and implementation rights, in technique and design, the ANTES collection ® reaches the apotheosis of utility when it comes to measurements. The size of the finger with ANTES ® is no longer a problem, since the string of diamonds that wraps the finger, soft and sensual, perfectly adapts to every need. Let it be used in the middle, in the ring finger, in the little finger... ANTES ® gently wraps each woman's finger with 3 rounds of beautiful diamonds, of excellent quality. And the arm? Whether you want a tight or wide bracelet on your wrist, with ANTES ® anything is possible.

WOMEN today cannot help it. ANTES ®, Simply unique!



Multiple precious fit... DIAMANTIA, the jewels in movement !


Simple & Functional

The simplicity of the movements: A beautiful central ring with a patented system, and the ring changes, transforms, dresses immensely.

Ring or Tennis? You choose!


As a central ring or as an ANTES tennis bracelet with its elegance it will know how to caress you, it will pamper you, it will always be close to you, wherever you want!

The multi measure has never been so simple and elegant

ANTES ® by DIAMANTIA Jewels in Movement !

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